Building a Powerful Customer Experience through Data


the outcome

Improvement of NPS Score to  "Gold Standard" of over 80%

50% decrease in customer problems


OUR client

In business for more than 70 years, this client designs, manufactures and sells equipment through their distributor network.  They are a major industry player and have close to 90 locations in the US.



The industry is a mature market.  Retaining current customers and taking market share from the competition are the primary ways to grow. They had always taken a customer-centric approach, but didn't have the data they needed to make strong decisions about how to gain more customers.

We knew we needed to have the best customer experience to grow our business, but we didn’t have a way measure it.



The Results

We surveyed More than 12,000 customers from nearly 90 U.S. locations about how they perceived their relationship with this client's customer service team.  Their feedback was used to understand the ideal experience from the customer's standpoint.

Based on this data, we found that customers were very clear about what they wanted: A quick turnaround on service, high levels of communication and their problems fixed right the first time.


An organization-wide training program was implemented to empower employees to deliver a great customer experience.  We used three initiatives to help the company build buy-in and execute on the data:

  • Customer Experience Map— An easy-to-use flow chart of how employees can drive value for every customer at every step

  • Champions Network — An employee at every location that educates and answers questions about the program

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys — Quarterly information about how well the company is meeting customer expectations

Using the PATH growth process was a key driver in a 50% reduction in customer problems across all locations.  In addition, the client saw a 5% positive change in their Net Promoter Score to a "Gold Standard" of over 80%.  



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