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33% increase in employee engagement scores across the organization




In business for over 45 years, this client is an industry forerunner providing supply chain solutions for medium to large companies. They are a full service logistics provider with more than 1,200 employees and over four million square feet of warehouse space.


The Challenge

After experiencing significant growth in 2012, the company started an employee engagement process to address high turnover in low wage warehouse positions. The company then implemented a recognition and rewards program to motivate associates based upon performance, attendance, team dynamic and tenure. Unfortunately, even with the new program in place, it hadn’t become a key driver of employee engagement.  That's where we came in.

PATH was brought in to benchmark the employee experience and help us understand how to make our programs more effective



the results

We identified an overall lack of employee awareness and engagement around the existing recognition and rewards program.  In addition, the following insights were discovered:

  • Hourly workers preferred to be recognized with additional PTO hours
  • Temporary associates preferred gift cards and variable compensation
  • Salaried employees preferred a bonus structure combined with an “awards” approach that offered non-monetary recognition



A multi-channel communication plan was implemented to build awareness for the existing program and new changes rolled out in direct response to employee feedback. Additionally, managers were trained to be more focused on providing employees with positive reinforcement and recognition on a consistent basis.

Twelve months after the client implemented our recommendations, we conducted a follow-up employee engagement survey.

Using the PATH growth process to re-tool their recognition and feedback program was a key driver in a 33% increase in employee engagement across the organization, especially among warehouse labor.



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