Organizations that succeed keep an eye on the present and plan for the future... And the best ones use a growth process.


We deliver a process and solutions that create immediate impact and focus on:

Meeting and exceeding the goals of all stakeholders

Using data to make confident decisions.

Providing a clear path for growth and continuously improving value


Vision & Market Intelligence Report

Information is power. Proactively addressing information needs puts your business ahead of the curve. Businesses who take the time and resources to gather robust/relevant data to inform the decision making process are the ones who outperform their competitors. They have deeper knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses and a powerful understanding of how that creates value for their customers and employees.

  • Vision Workshop
  • Market Potential & Positioning Analysis
  • Internal & External Brand Perceptions
  • Employee Engagement Research
  • Customer Loyalty Research
  • Net Promoter Score
  • New Product Development
  • Competitive Analysis



A Clear Messaging Framework

The most valued brands are the ones who have clarity for why they exist and why that benefits their customers. Sometimes the challenge is finding the answer to this question of “why does my organization exist?” Other times it is simply finding a way to effectively communicate that message. The biggest challenge is having a message that all stakeholders - employees, customers and beyond - are ALIGNED to and CONSISTENTLY communicate.  Companies need a message that is compelling to the people who matter.

  • Brand Audit & Strategy
  • Communications Audit
  • Channel Development
  • Messaging Framework
  • Messaging Properties



Tactics to Strengthen Your Relationships

Data is only as useful as the action it creates. Action planning is an essential component of the PATH Growth Process in order to avoid “analysis paralysis.” No strategy should be implemented at an enterprise level without first testing, then refining it. This is most effectively seen in PATH’s use of 90-day plans to quickly drive action, determine effectiveness and make adjustments as needed.

  • Strategic Planning for Leadership Teams
  • Employee Socialization & Retention
  • Employee Performance Management
  • Customer Service Training
  • Leadership Coaching & Development
  • Messaging Implementation
  • Additional customized strategies that speak directly to the needs of your relationships 



Ongoing Feedback from your Stakeholders

Being the best at what you do never ends. In this world of constant change, it takes an on-going, proactive approach of creating great experiences to stay valuable and relevant. The VOICE of your stakeholders must therefore remain an essential part of the decision making process. This VOICE empowers and challenges your business to stay agile and adapt as the market changes.

  • Creation and tracking of lead metrics tied to 3 key stakeholders
  • Customer Voice Program
  • Employee Voice Program