With us, it's not just work - it's personal.  

We are a multi-generation family business that has been in the industry for over 33 years.   That's one of our biggest differentiators.  

Our focus is on long-term sustainability.  A short term perspective doesn't work when you're building a business with the next generation in mind.  In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, it's that long term focus that makes family businesses so resilient.  

The PATH Leadership Team


Monica McKay


Monica has been working with national and international clients since 1984.  She holds an MBA from The Ohio State University and has extensive experience in all aspects of marketing - research, strategic planning, sales and communications.  Monica has been a frequent speaker nationally, for major corporations and trade associations, on topics such as: Customer Loyalty, Communication Strategies, Market Research and Employee Engagement.  

Monica is an avid traveller, has never met a beach she doesn't like and has an uncanny knowledge of sports prior to 1990.


Jonathon McKay


Jonathon has created and delivered unique and effective growth programs for national and international organizations. With a comprehensive approach to the employee and customer experience, he has developed customized metrics to create benchmarks, increase engagement and evaluate the impact of programs. In addition, Jonathon has executed over 100 training sessions for organizations across multiple states and locations.

Jonathon is a music aficionado, has gone to shows all over the world and is on a perpetual search for the best places to camp and hike.  


Sarah Ahern


Sarah has developed and launched companies, programs and products as an entrepreneur and for major corporations, nonprofits and small businesses.  She has years of hands-on experience in both B2B and B2C markets, with a focus on tech, supply chain and healthcare. To spice it up, she rounds out her understanding of human behavior with a Masters in Health Education and experience as a Therapeutic Chef.

Sarah loves cooking, exploring the Columbus food scene with her husband and puppy and knows the lyrics to almost every song she's heard.

Our History - 1984 to Today

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